The Quest For The Perfect Fly Rug- Rhinegold Zebra Print Fly Rug- Review

Finding the perfect fly rug for Tia seems to be an impossible task. Every summer since I’ve had her we’ve had to get a new fly rug, sometimes two/ three within the season. Even though they aren’t overly expensive this still all adds up, I don’t even want to think about how much I’ve spent on fly sheets!

So after Tia had successfully ripped another rug I was on the hunt yet again. However, this time I decided to put a little more research into it. I have seen a lot of horses around with zebra print rugs, at first I thought they looked a little silly and that it was just a novelty thing, however there is a reason behind the print! Apparently the print breaks up the outline of the horse and disorientates the flies so they can’t land- Tia is always covered in flies so I thought why not give it a go!

There are so many versions of these rugs made from all different manufacturers such as Bucas and Shires. The one I bought is from Rhinegold. ( I paid £32.99 for mine but you can find them cheaper!)


The fit of the rug is OK, its always a bit of a struggle to find a rug that fits Tia well across the shoulders (as they’re quite big!) but apart from that area everything else was good. I bought in her usual size 6’3, so the rug is true to size, you wouldn’t need to size up or down. I think if I went up to accommodate for her shoulders the rug would be too big everywhere else so it wasn’t worth doing. 19897794_10155513691267930_405524747_oAs you can see although it fits the velcro isn’t touching and therefore is not exactly where it should be. I also found getting the bottom strap into its loop (not too sure what to call it, basically where the strap is secured after the buckle), it took me a good five minutes trying to wiggle the strap through it, it may be that just this individual loop was too small but the struggle was real aha.

All the straps were really easy to adjust. There a back straps which I think is a necessity for all rugs (especially for a horse who likes to get up to mischievous things in the field). The rug also has a belly flap which is something that I’ve never had on a rug but is definitely a good idea, there are three straps and velcro that attach the flap securely so there is no chance I’m going to find her in the field with that undone!

There are some great features on this rug including the stretchy (lycra-esq) material that lies across the withers, this just makes the rug more moveable/ breathable. The other unique feature  (I haven’t seen it on any other rug) is this towelling effect on the front of the rug, it lies right across the shoulders. I’m guessing this is to stop the rug from rubbing?! But I’m really not sure, but lets hope it does as that is an area that often rubs on Tia so it would be nice to have something that was there to prevent it. There is also this material across the top of the neck, not too sure what its purpose up there would be but oh well! I am however a little concerned that this will make the rug super hot?! It’s not like we have scorching weather here in England but if we did she would definitely need a fly rug on and I’m not sure if that extra lining would be a hindrance.

And here is the finished look! (featuring her shires fly mask)



So there you have it, my first review on this blog! Hope you’ve enjoyed reading and let me know if you know of any amazing fly rugs out there! My quest is never ending to find that perfect one!

Vicky x


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