Robinsons Equestrian- SALE HAUL

For those of you who don’t know Robinsons equestrian is an online equestrian store that sells a lot of the top brands for riders. It not only sells clothes but also riding boots, accessories, rugs, brushes, equipment, you name it and they’ll more than likely have it.

Last week I went online to their sale and picked up a few items. The website is really easy to navigate round with different sections for the separate categories of items.

After I made my payment and received my conformation email I then got a second email through saying that one of the items I had ordered was no longer in stock (annoying but not really their fault as I’m guessing the website didn’t update in time or was incorrect) but they never charged me for it so can’t really complain.

So the first item I picked up was a knitted headband from Kempton (I’ve never actually heard of this brand before) but its just plain and simple with a horses head embroidered on the side of it. These are always so good for winter (or even just when you’re having a bad hair day!) They just keep your ears so nice and toasty, especially this one as it has a lovely fleece material inside. There was a white one on there but I got the fawn colour as I though it would be more practical with horses in general but also make-up. And it was £2.50 so was an absolute bargain for something I’m sure I’ll be wearing loads.

Then the next thing I got were some Harry Hall Elton polka dot jodhpurs in mid blue and truth be told I have had my eye on these for a while so I’m glad they were still there. They were £13.50 and I got them in 24 reg, which I think is my normal size, it can vary form 24/26.

These ones don’t have a button/zip on them so the struggle was real trying to get them over my hips/ arse! But once they’re on they do fit really nicely and give you a nice shape. They have two pockets on the bum and reinforced parts on the knees which is needed when riding. I like the length that they are (I never like them too short, I like the extra material at the bottom) but some people might find them long, I guess its personal preference.

Then the last item in this haul is another pair of jodhpurs. These ones are from Just Togs and they are in grey and pink. Massive error with these is that they’re actually juniors! I didn’t realise until they were with me but I swear they were in the ladies section. Oh well they still fitted! These were also in size 24 and they were £14.

These ones also didn’t have a button or zip but seemed to be more stretchy and it wasn’t such a struggle to get them on. I like the colours of them, I’m usually not a fan of pink or jewels and all that kind of stuff but I really don’t mind it on these. I really like the waist band, it’s different to all the other jodhpurs I have. Obviously when I saw that they were juniors I thought I’d have to send them back because of the length but luckily they fall at the right place so happy days about that.


So that’s it for this haul, hope you enjoyed reading, see you next time.

Vicky x


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