Sports Direct- SALE HAUL

SPORTS DIRECT DOES EQUESTRIAN CLOTHING. This may not be news to you but until a couple of months ago I had no idea that sports direct had an equestrian section- they even do rugs, tack and stable equipment. I think Sports Direct and Robinsons are linked in some way as the items came from the same warehouse and invoices and other little details were the same. Anyway lets get on with the haul.

So the first item I got were these Requisite lightweight jodhpurs in black. I thought they’d be really good for summer (when its actually hot) as they’re basically riding leggings. I got these in a size XS and they’re a really nice fit. They also don’t have a zip or buttons so they just have to be pulled up. They have reinforced areas by the knees which is obviously good for riding purposes and they have a seam round the bum/seat which I think just makes them look like they’re more for riding than just plain leggings.

I got these for £11.69- I had a discount code for the site but I can’t remember how much the code was for or the original price.

Then the next item I got was a HacTac Tech top in an 8, the colour says its Anthracite but it just looks black to me! This top will be great for winter as its a similar material to lycra so will keep you very warm, I’m thinking it could be worn as a base layer. It’s high neck and has a zip that can be done all the way up to right underneath your face. This could also be worn in summer just maybe not when its hot!

The back is longer than the front which is another feature that is great for riders and it’ll be really nice tucked in as its thin. The arms end with thumb holes, another great way to keep warm but I’m never a fan of those things aha, so I won’t be using them. I paid £4.95 for this and I think the original price before the discount code was £5.50 (not sure though).

The next two things I got are same but in different colours because for £4.50 why would you not get two! So they’re Requisite sleeveless polo shirts in navy and navy/ sky stripe, there was another version but it was light blue and white and I just thought it would be too impractical for being around horses so I gave that a miss. I got both of them in an 8/XS.

They’re a nice fit with embroidered detailing on the front. I like how there’s a zip where buttons normally are (if you get me). On all my other polo shirts there are button but its nice to have something slightly different.


The final and main reason I bought everything else in this haul is this Requisite body warmer in black and purple with gold detailing. I saw this and new I had to have it. It was £12.59 and I got it in a ten so I could wear more layers underneath.

This is still great for summer for when it rains as its waterproof and has a hood which is big. I hate when clothing says it has a hood but it barely covers your head, not ideal! There are pockets on either side of the gilet and they have zips which is great, the only bad thing about those is that the zips are invisible zips and they had a tendency to get caught on the surrounding material. But for how much I paid for it I really can’t complain and I’m really looking forward to wearing this piece.


Thats all I got in the Sports Direct sale, thanks for reading, see you next time!


Vicky x




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